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Build wealth on your terms!

Generational wealth is the goal but you have to first build wealth for yourself!

Take control of your hard earned money and learn effective ways to build wealth for you and your family!


I know you are here because you struggle with money. You perhaps have a ton of credit card debt and have been struggling to make strides in paying it off. You most likely have a six-figure student loan debt. You also perhaps never invested in the stock market or question if you are investing enough for the future.  

Well, you are in the right place.

As professionals, we have worked extremely hard to attain success. We spend so much time perfecting our craft while racking up mortgage-sized student loans. Yet, we lack the financial know-how to start building wealth. We depend on financial advisors but most are disguised salesmen who recommend fee-loaded funds and sell us high-premium "Whole-life and IUL life insurance policies. 


This is where I come in. It is time to take control of your money and learn the skills and knowledge you need to manage your money. I have made several mistakes regarding money including financing my first car at an exorbitant interest rate to getting into more consumer debt. However, I was able to pay off all my consumer debt by following a comfortable budget (no rice and beans) and eventually building a six-figure nest egg.


I have decided to become part of the solution to help others avoid the same roadblocks I faced when I began chasing financial independence. 

As a trusted Financial Coach, I have helped many clients begin their journey and I am excited to help you do the same. 

I specialize in helping clients achieve their personal finance goals by:

  • Defining their "why"

  • Creating a cash-flow plan

  • Using the right accounts to invest

  • Creating a debt pay-off plan

  • Obtaining appropriate insurance

  • Enjoying their money on things they value.

I look forward to helping you, continue reading to learn more about my one-on-one coaching sessions and subscription plans.

Achieve Your financial Goals

I offer a variety of coaching packages based on your familiarity with investing, to help you achieve your financial goals. 

Monthly Coaching Plans

Let's talk about your financial goals.

Financial boot-camp packages

  • Perfect for beginners or individuals with some experience in investing.

  • I will help you over time to fine-tune your budget, set up the necessary investment accounts, guide you in selecting quality investments and obtain the necessary insurance to protect yourself and your assets

  • Subsequent meetings are spent on holding you accountable to your budget and investment plan

  • I will also teach you how to analyze and make your first investment.

***Includes access to Million dollar stock portfolio challenge 

My First Million dollar stock portfolio challenge.

Learn how to build a recession-proof portfolio.

Join me and a group of like-minded investors on a journey to build a solid portfolio to a million dollars. This group was previously the $100K portfolio challenge and we meet twice every month.

  • In this monthly meeting, you will learn which stocks and ETFs to invest in besides the S&P 500 index fund.

  • You will learn exactly how I analyze ETFs and stocks and also enjoy the camaraderie among the community to spur you on to invest more into your account. 

  • In every meeting, I go over 1 or 2 new stocks for the portfolio and I suggest what prices to buy these stocks.

  • Join today to learn how to build a recession-proof portfolio. 

  • **Remember, there are risks in every investment and past performance is not an indication of future performance.

New York Office


What Clients Are Saying

Since starting my business in 2020, I have helped my clients plan and execute on their financial goals. Read on to learn what they have to say about their experience with my coaching services.

Ebow, Engineer

After making so many financial mistakes, my wife and I decided to seek financial help from Dr. Charles. Dr. Charles graciously gave us clear guidelines to achieve financial freedom. His ability to listen, coach, and cheer us on when we exceed our quarterly goal was refreshing.  Our session with Dr. Charles at times turned into borderline marriage counseling which speaks to a great length of his ability to listen and provide guidance to our financial mistakes and to provide a fundamental understanding of what it means to invest for the future and its benefits. My wife and I have learned a great deal from Dr. Charles these past six months and we will forever be grateful for his coaching but most importantly his friendship.

"The problem with shortcuts is that you arrive prematurely and unprepared."


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